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its a big shame and I feel sorry for the families, but what do you expect in a country where there are 4 guns for every citizen, the countrys leader has said it is OK to invade someone elses space and kill people if you disagree with how they live their lives and is doing so; and such weapons as pistol-grip shotguns (which even the cop describes as an anti-personnel weapon) are freely available on the open market?

to be fair on the Yanks though this is the first time I have heard of such an incident at a party, usually the only people with guns at US raves are the cops.

the concept of a “zombie rave” seems odd to me anyway. Surely raves are about happiness and celebrating life, rather than death? at least when I was a teenager in Britain the rave scene sprung out of an alternative to the angst-ridden goth culture..

Even so it is rare stuff for Seattle and I fear it will lead to another clampdown on youth lifestyles;but then again if a nation spreads hate, fear and violence worldwide eventually these things have a habit of being brought back home (I’ve noticed a corresponding increase in violence on UK streets since the war started)