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    raverbaby wrote:
    TBH they could have attacked the source and not the hundereds of innocent people.

    unfortunately these bullies always go for soft targets as its easier and has wider effects. Politicians expect to be attacked or blown up and take appropriate measures, and even in the 70s/80s when the IRA blew up a number of politicians it did not bring down Thatchers Government.

    these days people just seem to be more and more angry and that just seems to well up and flow out in alot of negative forms E.G. casual violence and extremisim.

    this is indeed true and if more people realised this we may be able to divert people of any culture away from getting involved in radical groups which commit violent crime

    also whilst 52 people died in the bomb attack, a larger number are killed on London’s transport system every year in random attacks/fights; sometimes they are robberies, sometimes it is merely people being in the “wrong place at the wrong time”. Their families also deserve our sympathy…

    I think we owe it to the victims, survivors and familes of all crimes of violence to do whatever possible to find out why people do these things and prevent them from doing so whenever possible. That is the only way we as a society can respect the sacrifice they were forced to make without condemming others to suffer.