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    elretardo87 wrote:
    Yeh their version was the first to set under water as well. Hence all the bridges that are still standing.

    Also I think thats why more Roman buildings have survived the test of time. People skank marble and huge blocks of stone to build new buildings but nobody chips off bits of concrete to make a new house.

    I grew up in Thetford, on the Abbey estate, the majority of houses needed re-pointing and general work due to crap build and materials, but bits of the Cluney monastry that it’s named for that was destroyed by Henry’s purge can be seen built into walls all over the older parts of town. The wall at the back of Colchester bus stop is Roman, still standing, still nearly scalable, shame me and me and my mate had to find the weak bits half-way down on an acid mushed up moment, “leap, weee, ouch”