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    @kiwifruit 442705 wrote:

    I was in A&E there in 2000.

    Passed out from not having oxygen producing in my body. (Was a type of anaemia that they never figured out what caused it..).Was lying on a trolly in a section and was coming in and out. Woke up briefly to find this really old woman dressed in a white gown next to me holding my hand and I screamed the hospital down as I thought she was a ghost and I was dead.
    Turns out I nearly gave her a heart attack as she was a patient in the next bed and was there in her hospital gown trying to be nice and help me.

    Was in hospital 2 weeks and had 12 units of blood.
    The things I saw were not good regarding the care of some of the older patients on the ward 🙁
    Very sad.
    Now some of my best mates are nurses and I know how hard they work and just how fucked up the system can be that they try to work with….. But where I was…. there was no dignity.

    I was in there with renal and liver failure, spent 2 weeks there; half in intensive care and half on the wards. Dignity always seems like a luxury when keeping people alive is the main challenge. But that said, saw some nasty things, had some nasty things done to me by some horrible people. It was far from perfect. But then I wasn’t expected to live so I am rather fond of the place.