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boothy wrote:
what i really wanna do is be a youth worker, unfortunately at college the social work courses are all for child care (2-10) or adult disabilities, nothin really for the 12-19 bracket, but i suppose you cant be a youth worker to another 17 year old at 17 really

hmm I was one for a bit at that age group and half the people there were same age and from my high school (managed to get the volunteer position from my school)

but they didn’t have half the rules in the 1980s

I remember when some of the lads dropped their hash on the floor (this was when a small chunk of hash was hard to get) so there was people scrabbling about on the floor, searching for this..

I actually found it – handed it back to the lads and just said “don’t be blatant” (so the older woman what worked for the council didn’t notice), “and make sure I get a toke” (I did :laugh_at:))

mind you thats probably why they don’t let the same age group act as youth workers (I expect today this would be classed as corruption and you’d get arrested)