• starlaugh replied to the topic How Bad? in the forum Chat 10 years ago

    @rachus 368183 wrote:

    SL- yes your friend is abit of a spastic! Lets hope he’s learnt his lesson!

    Im loving the snow in Oxford 🙂

    I doubt it, he did the same thing last year when he was sober… however only one leg went through last time.

    The snow is nice around Oxford isnt it raaa

  • Dom_sufc replied to the topic D.A.V.E the Drummer in the forum Music 10 years, 9 months ago

    @rachus 316304 wrote:

    I LOVE Dave the Drummer, Is the hydraulix set the download from PV? I downloaded it last week and have it on me ipod shuffle, gets me going in the morning for work!
    Im not a mad techno fan but Dave gives me a reason, him and Chris liberator !:laugh_at:

    I fucking love techno! I’ve seen DtD live and he is the bollocks. Proper…[Read more]

  • Dom_sufc replied to the topic Dubstep in the forum Music 10 years, 10 months ago

    @rachus 314878 wrote:

    It’s literally taken me 2 hours to download one dave the drummer mp3. Im on 97% now and then i can go to bed! It better be good :yawn:

    lol, you on Dial-up? Which site was that from and which set? :weee:

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