Hadra Records


Created in 2004, Hadra Records would like to present to the public or various compilations and albums representing different psychedelic trance style such as:

– Progressive trance (with a low simple and groovy and moods that vary progressively, hence its name)
– The dark-psychedelic trance (. With a fast pace and short sounds and “dark” This type of music is the music played during the course of the night.)
– The full-on psychedelic (as the name suggests this type of music is composed of very psychedelic sounds while keeping a high rate with low and very rhythmic melodies and colorful sounds)
– Ambient (musical style atmospheric at slow tempo, often mixing moods ‘world’ and played at the chill-out).

The label is a tool supporting young local artists to the production and contributes to the distribution of their creations internationally.

Hadra Records label is now distributed worldwide and already has to his credit 15 outputs, 3 albums and 12 compilations and includes some of the most popular productions in the media of the Psytrance, of Progressive Trance and the ‘Ambient with artists like Shotu Barak Sine Die, D_Root … and unprecedented participation of international artists as EVP, A-TEAM, AEROSPACE, Kularis, Ovnimoon or Psymmetrix and ASTRAL PROJECTION.

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