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Creation Date: June 21-22nd

Map Ref: SU 302875

Reported by: Crop Circle Connector. Click here to link to the formation
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To follow

Description and Information: See Below

A complex design of 20-30 small circles up to 33 FT diameter coiled round into looping curves. Unusual radial "antennae" emantate from several of the large circles. The overall design looks to represent an insect with wings. The "cosmic joker" aspect suggests a dragon-fly as the formation is directly below "Dragon Hill" - the smaller hill below the White Horse.

The formation is best viewed from the flat top of Dragon Hill where most of the shape can be discerned. At road level you can only see the bare outline. The field is the same as used for the 2000 formation which arrived a month later and was more impressive in terms of size. Our new design is a bit further back into the field from memory.

The crop is wheat and completely green. Inside the circles it is recovering very fast and almost no spiral legs are present (as seen 30/6). The outline will be very indistinct by late July - although do not expect harvesting until late August.

Samples taken from insode the formation indicate the circle making force is present so the sugestion is the formation is genuine - sometimes difficult to accept at this location as so many people visit the White Horse. This 20002 glyph is 5th event to occur in 9 years (starting 1994) on the north side of White Horse Hill. All have appeared in just 3 adjoining fields over 0.5 mile diatance. The 2002 arrival is though to be the earliest of the 5.

(Survey to follow)

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