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NR TOOT BALDON, OXON Reported Late June

Creation Date: Early June

Map Ref: SU 577 005

Reported by: James Bellinger
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See diagram below

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NR TOOT BALDON - This formation was about a mile below the one above on the other side of the B480 road. Both these fields were new to crop circles although only a few yards from previous events.

A very large "mandala" formation inside a flattened area producing a "picture frame". It was in a totally flat field affording no views at all - even from the hill by Garsington church. By the time we examined it on July 13th, it was worn away and bird eaten. However the mandala sahpe was discernable and measured 60ft x 30ft maximum. Thje surrounding flattened area was brushed down in linear fashion and flowed clockwise generally. The outer dimensions were aprrox 150ft x150ft although the flattened area was not entrirely square or circular so that the outline was arranged to be around 60ft from the raised figure.

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