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Richmond Hill - ChiselHampton - Reported Tuesday 24th June

Creation Date: Monday Night/Tuesday Morning 23/24 June
Map Ref: 585 994
Crop: (Green)Wheat
Reported by: Ellis Taylor
Image(s):Image on the crop circle connector

Dimensions/Swirl: Centre circle (ACW) varies 61-64 ft in diameter. Top circle (ACW) 15 ft diameter. Bottom (ACW) 16 ft diameter. Left (CW) 15.5 ft diameter. Right (CW) 14.5 ft diameter.

Description and Information: See Below

Oxfordshires first confirmed formation of 1997. Discovered on Tuesday 24th of June and apparently formed the night before (according to the farmer). The formation lies in very green wheat alongside the B480 Road near the village of Chiselhampton in Oxfordshire. The quintuplet consists of five circles at varying distances from the center circle. The farmer claims to know who produced the formation but as usual can`t name names or produce any evidence. The formation appears fairly rough in places mainly due to the bad weather and the immaturity of the crop.

1) CHISELHAMPTON. June 24th. Credit: Ellis Taylor. Crop: Wheat/dowses. SP 587 994 An old style quintuplet with a large 63-64ft central circle (ACW) and 4 smaller satellites average 15.5ft diameter. The top and bottom members were ACW and the left and right CW. The formation was situated on a steep slope (Richmond Hill) and was about 400 yards up from the B480 road. It was first seen from a house in Stadhampton and could also be spotted from 2 miles south near Drayton St Leonard.

At the time the crop was very green and soaking wet so the floor patterns were not the best, although the small circle shown on the LHS had an almost perfect swirl. The ratio of diameters was 4:1 - the most commonly found. The formation was placed about a mile from the Garsington events of 1996.

The farmers as usual claimed to "know who had done it" without naming names. If it was hoaxed the circles were near to the side of the field but a long walk from the road and all 5 circles avoided the tram lines.

Comment by Jeremy Kay - Samples were sent to Jim Lyons for dowsing. He reported a negative result.

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