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Finmere Airfield, Nr Brackley, Oxfordshire.
Reported 9th August.

Images by John Credland Copyright 1997.

I have two images , both from the same photograph, of the formation at Finmere in Oxfordshire. It was taken on 10/7/97 by a microlight passenger named John Credland

It was in the field across the road of the freshhold of runway 28 of Finmere areodrome (I think it is mainly used by micro lights).

None of our group visited this formation because it was a long time after the photograph was taken before we heard about it. I think Geoff Ambler went to look for it but the field had been cut or the formation was not visible from the road.

A pilot has reported a formation near the airfield. More information after we have checked it out. Obviously we will get more information after we have surveyed this and pictures.

Report by Jeremy Kay.

(7) FINMERE AIRFIELD near Brackley

Report by Jeremy Kay - This was reported to O.C.C.C.S on 9th August by a micro light pilot we met at Enstone Flying Club. He said he spotted the formation in early July. Geoff went to look for it but could not find it either because the field it was in had been cut or it was not visible from the road. Apparently it was in the field across the road from the fresh-hold of runway 28.

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