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A Potted History of the Crop Circle Phenomena

"Disclaimer : All views expressed are of the author`s opinion and have no connection with any group or groups involved in crop circle research".
The first crop-circle formations were seen around 1981 in the U.K. although there had been so called "UFO nests" in Australia in the 1960's.

The circles prescence was brought to media attention by Pat Delgado and one of the first pictures seen in the press was of a circle at Cheesefoot Head in Hamphire dating from 1981. Also in this year were recorded formations at Litchfield and Wantage in Oxfordshire.

Over the next few years a small number of formations appeared every year - including a formation with a central circle and satellite circles in 1983 again at Cheesefoot Head, Hamphire.

Also in 1983, Pat Delgado joined forces with Colin Andrews who was working at the time as an electrical engineer in the area. These two researchers carried out most of the definitive on the phenomena until 1990.


In 1992 two sextagenarians Doug Bower and Dave Chorley came forward to say they they had hoaxed all the crop circles seen in Britian since 1978. Although initially it seemed that their claim may be valid it was soon proved that they had hoaxed at the most a handful of formations for Today newspaper and others which were of very poor quality. Despite the obvious flaws in their story the general opinion which the media was left with was that all crop circles must be hoaxes and since 1992 the subject has received very little media attention.

Also there are various people on the crop circle scene who are professional debunkers and can be often found in other areas such as UFO research and other associated phenomenon creating as much anti-propaganda as possible to remove all scientific credulity from the subject despite having no evidence and no respect for genuine research.

No one has produced verifyible evidence that either crop circles are definately hoaxed or that there is definately a genuine intelligent phenomena behind them.
No hoaxer has ever been able to produce convincing evidence for any major formation he/she has created where the origin of the formation is in doubt!!!
There is scientific evidence of plant mutation within crop circles.
There is very good evidence that no HUMAN has created some formations given the time span involoved in making a circle.


A lot of the most spectacular formations appeared from 1990 onwards. Below is a selection of the most famous formations.

[Barbury Castle Formation] [Alton Barnes Formation] [Flower Formation]

Barbury Castle................................Alton Barnes...............Cheesefoot Flower

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