Formation at Waylands Smithy, Oxfordshire. Reported 27th July.

Creation Date: Circa July 26th

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Ground shots show large circles and grapeshots. The final two photos show the "master" circle at the geometric centre which is very heavily flattened compared to the other circles.




Dimensions/Swirl: (See below)

Description and Information:

This formation was inspected on Wed July 30th. It is in a still fairly green wheat crop and deep into the field. It can only just be spotted from a gap in the hedge along the Ridgeway. The main body is 10 tramlines down in the field.

The circles are all clockwise rotation and nearly all have the raised centre "corn dolly" including the samll grpaeshots which are about 6ft in diameter. The larger circles are in about 4 sizes, the largest being 50ft diameter. the maximum length through the central axis is estimated at 500ft. It is interesting to note that the pivotal central circle, although not the largest , is very heavily swirled and laid down totally flat. Towards the outer fringes the circles are more weakly defined with the crop springing back up. This formation passed the dowsing tests.

As stated by the main websites, this formation is only second to the 2001 record breaker (409) circles at Milk Hill, Wilts and is certainly an Oxfordshire record.

We have another major formation at Wayland Smithy just behind the Ridgeway, found on July 27th. This looks to be almost in the same position as the 2006 "skyscrapers" in the same field. There are masses of circles but the overall design is nowhere near as sophisticated as the "skyscrapers" or the 2005 "Mayan Calendars" found in fields on the opposite sides of the Ridgeway. More info to follow.

There is already substancial information on the connector on this formation.

Geoff Ambler

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