Formation at Watchfield Wind Farm, Shrivenham, Oxfordshire. Reported 01st August.

Creation Date: Circa mid July

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Crop: Wheat

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Dimensions/Swirl: (Formation to be properly surveyed)

Description and Information:

Photos show the formation on the day it was harvested, Aug 17th. The formation is estimated to be 400ft long in wheat with the largest circle 60ft diameter. Although only reported on August 8th, the formation is clearly much older -probably mid July - judging from the new grass springing up in the flattened areas. The staircase leading up to the doorway on wind generator no 3 offered a unique observation platform to view the formation. The windfarm has only just opened in 2008, so the crop circle is a nice touch! The windfarm and fields around it are on totally flat terrain away from main roads, so it was fortunate that the design was spotted from the air just in time to get photographs. How many more do we miss? Geoff Ambler

1/8/08 Watchfield Wind Farm, Shrivenham. This elegant design is again in the west of county area where all the Oxfordshire formations appear to be this year to date. Sticking the formation bang in front of the central mast of 5 in the wind farm must be conveying a message. I would like to think that the circlemaker is trying to show us a more efficient way of converting the wind energy to electricity. Geoff Ambler



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