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Formation at Ashbury(Haily Wood), Oxon Reported July 16th

Creation Date:

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Crop: Wheat

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Dimensions/Swirl: (Formation to be properly surveyed)

Description and Information:

"Butterfly" formation near Ashbury found 16/07/07 in wheat. this complex design is the third year running that major crop circles have appeared close to Wayland Smithy. The formation is estimated to be only a mile from last year's "skyscrapers" and again a few hundred yards from the Ridgeway path at SU 273 835. For those that remember, we discovered the first half mile long formation in the adjacent field to this way back in 1994.

Unfortunately the farmer involved has already put warning signs up, so these views from the B4000 and footpath at side of field are the only ground shots possible. The design can only be appreciated by flying over.

Geoff Ambler.

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