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Toot Baldon , Oxfordshire. Reported 30th July.

Creation Date: circa 30th July

Map Ref: SP 570 010

Crop: Wheat

Reported by: Geoff Ambler/Ellis Taylor





Ground (Pictures Geoff Ambler and Ellis Taylor)

Dimensions/Swirl: (Formation to be properly surveyed)

Description and Information:

This is the first recorded formation at the Garsington/Toot Baldon, Oxon, hotspot in 2006 compared to 9 in the area at this time last year.

The layout consists of a pair of overlapping 6ft wide rings with a 6 petal type central feature within the overlapping area. This type of design has been seen at many other locations. The ground lays look rather rough with part of the rings not laid down. There are some interesting grapeshot features to one side and what looks like a signature. The central feature is approx 50ft wide and the total width across, 120ft. The crop is wheat almost ready to harvest, and the map reference is SP 570 010 at a very strongly favoured spot for circles. Long distance views can be had from Garsington churchyard and on the B 480 road by the turn to Toot Baldon.

Photos are view above formation; at intersection of rings; and the "signature".

Geoff Ambler

Ellis's article http://www.ellisctaylor.com/marycropcircle.html


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