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Woolstone Hill, nr Uffington, Oxfordshire, Reported 13th August

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Crop: Wheat

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Image(s): By Crop Circle Connector,Steve Alexander,Jaime Maussan (lcick to enlarge)

Aerial Shots




Ground shots




Dimensions/Swirl: (Formation to be properly surveyed)

Description and Information:

Field Report for Woolstone Hill, nr Uffington, Oxfordshire, August 15th by Mike Callahan

This one looked special and as it could well be the last one of the season I got myself over to Woolstone Hill on Monday Morning. On entering the formation the crop lay was in a clockwise swirling direction. There were many standing stems and this was consistent throughout the formation. There were areas of multi layering and I found places where there were three layers. Although it is probable that the formation had already received many visitors it was not too trampled, far from it. I went into the inner triangular shapes and they had standing tufts in them. The crop in the tufts were not entwined and the crop was swirled at its base outwards. I I checked for nodal anomalies. There were bent nodes throughout the formation. Stems were split on the nodes. I checked outside the formation and I couldnít see any bent nodes. I did find thin white lines on some of the green stems in the formation but I donít know what causes them so I cannot comment. Enough of that. What about the real stuff! People were enjoying it and having fun and immersing themselves in the latest offering. My friend who dowsed with a crystal pendulum picked up a very high energy pulse and also felt surges of energy through her body at various times. I think the following pictures are the ones that Iíd like to remember this crop circle season by.


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