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Garsington(towards Denton) Addition, OXON Reported circa July 10th 2005

Creation Date: 12-15th July

Map Ref: SP589028

Crop: Wheat

Reported by: Norwegian Study Group
Image(s): Andrew King/Geoff Ambler/Lucy Pringle/Crop circle Connector/Ellis Tayor(Click to enlarge)




Dimensions/Swirl: (Formation to be properly surveyed)

Description and Information: An additional formation arrived in the same field as SP588027 between 20th and 25th July. This was a smaller layout of 2 intersecting circles and 3 grape shots over a total length of 82 ft. The main circles were 27ft CW overlapping a 21 ft ACW. The strange furrowed lay was again present as seen in the first formation centre circle. There were two 5ft diam grapeshot and one 3ft with delightful bunched up lays. The new formation was about 200 yards NE of the original. Difficult to know exact time of arrival of either formation as there are no decent ground views into this field, for which we have no record of previous formations.

At the same time the Norwegian visitors noted that the second down ringed spiral on the original had been altered into a normal circle eliminating the spiral. Again the furrowed lay was present after the alteration.


Geoff Ambler


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