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Garsington(towards Denton), OXON Reported circa July 10th 2005

Creation Date: 12-15th July

Map Ref: SP588027

Crop: Wheat

Reported by: Andrew King
Image(s): Andrew King/Geoff Ambler/Lucy Pringle/Crop circle Connector/Ellis Tayor(Click to enlarge)






Dimensions/Swirl: (Formation to be properly surveyed)

Description and Information:

This formation was only discovered by flying. It is not possible to see it from the road. Situated off the road from Garsington-Denton (north side) opposite the large manor house near to Denton or 2 fields east of Garsington sports ground.

Based on the "thought bubble" style of some years ago the formation runs down a gentle slope with the largest circle at the top. There are 5 circles with various linking pathways. the top 2 and the bottom 3 are not linked.

The large top circle is 75ft diameter CW and well formed. It overlaps into the second feature which is a 16ft CW circle surrounded by a 3 arm spiral and an outer 8ft wide ring. The whole is about 55ft diameter.

The 3rd circle is separated by about 10ft, is 31ft diameter ACW. The flow appears to be odd as the crop is heaped up along the flow lines. Two curving passages lead to the 4th circle which is RADIAL flow and not swirled. A large amount of crop is heaped up in the middle. The circle is 22ft diameter but may not be truly circular. Finally a small 11ft circle is linked by more passageways which is also RADIAL flow.

What looked like a fairly simple design is in fact quite complex.

Geoff Ambler

Just over the hedge (as discovered from the air by Andy King yesterday 8th August) a little scallywag. About 7ft in diameter unfortunately wind and rain damaged and now grizzled but obviously pretty when first born. This seems to be part of the formation known as the Garsington 2 thought bubble but doesn't seem to have been in the first pictures. Image Ellis C Taylor Copyright 2005


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