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Garsington(South End 2), OXON Reported circa July 11th 2005

Creation Date: Unknown

Map Ref: SP579010

Crop: Wheat

Reported by: Unconfirmed
Image(s): Crop circle connector(Andrew King and Geoff Ambler) (Click to enlarge)




Dimensions/Swirl: (Formation to be properly surveyed)

Description and Information:

For info only – lousy pictures from my ancient digital cam/ Better ones will come – I hope! I flew over Garsington this evening. There are 3 formations there – two in fields on either side of the road below the church, and another behind the church, on the other side. This latter has a superb woven lay clearly seen from the air. I did not visit any on them on the ground. Near Chalfont St peter– off the M25, Junction17, 2 formations, just discernable and on opposite sides of the motorway – south one, a dumbbell, only just visible viewed between the trees lining the anti clockwise carriageway; the other, an indescribable mess of squiggles and flattened patches, poorly visible from the clockwise carriageway in the little valley approaching j17. It is close to a radio mast and some quarry works, I did not have the time to investigate but will send a map scan as soon as I can.

Andrew King

Formation was hidden deep in the wheat field adjacent to the B480. It was on flat ground so only a partial view could be had from Garsington churchyard. Overall we found a beautifully formed design resembling an "infinity" sign. Everything was designed in 4-5ft passageways with only tiny grapeshot circles. Estimated total length was 165ft. I was surprised to see the giant Garsington (Southend) formation of July 14th was fully visible across the other side of the main road from here.

Geoff Ambler

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