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Garsington (2), OXON Reported 29/05/05

Creation Date: Unknown

Grid reference: SP579016

Crop: Pasture/Grass

Reported by: Crop Circle Connector Rumours
Image(s): Curtesy of Ellis Taylor (Click to enlarge images)



Dimensions/Swirl: (Formation to be properly surveyed)

Description and Information:

The formation was most surprisingly found in a field of wild pasture just South of Garsington Church. It was in the field above the "dragon" formation of August 2004. No views readily availbale but could be seen at the junction of the Toot Baldon road as a greener outline in the field full of buttercups.

Measured going up a slight hill there is a 32 ft ACW circle separated by single stems to a 31 ft CW circle A crescent path comes out from between the two circles and surrounds the top circle. At the highest point of the crescent there is a "wall" of unformed grass. The crescent varies from 1ft to 6ft in diameter. the centres of both circles have the typical "corn dolly" appeareance.

There is no doubt this is formed by the "force" and samples of grass tested showed powerful residual energy. Expect it to dissapear very quickly after the next wet spell.

Report from Ellis Taylor

Visit to the Grass Circle, Garsington on 29th May 2005 approximately 1600 hours.

A brief report

Grid reference SP579016

Sorry to have to report another photographic bloody disaster. Just like my flight the other day my zoom camera played up. I took loads of photos got back home and there's nothing on the sodding thing. Fortunately I took my old camera too, and for some reason which I'm so glad of now, took a few shots with this too. (Geoff Ambler's camera refused to work at all.) So, no long distance or full-formation photographs I'm afraid.

One odd thing that happened was that I saw the formation from the road as I drove towards the carpark and was struck by how good it looked, really well defined and impressive. But when we went down to the road to photograph the formation it couldn't be seen from where I had seen it previously. When we did locate a spot to photograph it from it could not be made out very well at all.

When I arrived at the formation it looked beautiful - lovely sweeping, graceful lines. To me it looked as perfect as grass circles are gonna get. There was some wind damage - after all it is on the side of a fairly steep hill and there have been some strong winds recently. There were one or two trails leading to and/or from the formation to the nearby hedge. Were these visitors or plankers? I don't know, but the formation felt lovely, gentle and very feminine.

This second Garsington formation of 2005 is on the same alignment as last year's Dragon 1 (Garsington) and this year's Gotham Galaxy (The Baldons) ie An alignment that stretches between St Mary's Church, Garsington and Sinodun Hill, Long Wittenham. There is a similarity in design to the Dragon formation too. Interestingly Garsington means Grassy Hill.

The formation comprises of two circles each approximately 8 metres in dimension; which meet each other with a precise single strand line of grass stalks. The higher circle has a clockwise swirled lay whilst the lower circle's is anti-clockwise. From the meeting point of the two circles a long sweeping curved arm stretches around each side of the top circle in a wide arc to meet about 24 feet above its head. The beautiful sweep of the crop flows from bottom to top in both cases each arm widening through around 12inches for much of the flow to 6 foot at the top. Where the arms meet there is a well-defined 6-foot single line of grass stems separating each from the other.

(see dodgy diagram above)


p.s. This is interesting...I watched the beginning of a movie tonight. The film starred Tom Hanks and was called Cast Away. It's a Spielberg's Dreamwoks production - sorry that's the Chinese Spielberg - I mean Dreamworks. Anyway during the opening frames a truck drives up to a farmstead which has a sign over the gate saying 'Dick Bettina'. What really caught my attention was that also on the sign was a large design almost exactly like the 'Bee' formation of last year. All grist for the mill

Report on the second grass formation by Ellis Taylor

Visit to the 2nd Grass Circle, Garsington on 11th June 2005

A brief report

Grid reference SP579016

Well the morning started well with a flat car battery. I'd received an email from Mark Fussell

(Crop Circle Connector) late-ish on Saturday night (11th June) and resolved to haul myself outa bed early on Sunday morning and drive to Garsington. I was fast asleep when a voice said quite clearly "It's 5 o'clock". I hopped out of bed and tip-toed down to the kitchen, made a cup of tea and then slipped out into the silvery morning. Having loaded my car with the necessary I turned the ignition key...and nothing happened. Great start! ...or not, more like it. There was nobody about unsurprisingly so I sat and wondered what to do next. Then I remembered my daughter's car...5 or 6 minuted later, after being as quiet as it was possible to be, I was heading for the hills, well Garsington Hill. As I drove down the hill from Toot Baldon I could make out the circle in pasture ahead of me, so I stopped and took a couple of photographs and then carried on to Garsington Church car park.

It was a beautiful morning, blackbirds, chaffinches, wrens and robins tripped about in front of me as I wound down the little path beneath the church yard. St Mary's Church has just got to be in one of the most glorious positions in southern England.

I found the circle easily. It seemed a very complicated and intricate design. The grass was laying very low and had not been so wind-ruffled as the last one. This one, like the May formation, evoked a very gentle feeling. I noticed that it had been placed directly underneath that one and there appeared to be some tracery of patterns joining the two. This could, I suppose be trails from visitors to the first one but I don't think they all were. The lines etc seemed more recent than the first shapes but later than this new one. An aeriel photograph may sort this out.

I took quite half a dozen photographs and then my newly recharged batteries went flat. But Ha! I had anticipated this and whatever it was would not stymmie me this time! I had bought some back-ups and I had left the zoom camera at home (unintentionally). I loaded the replacement batteries and snapped away. I took about a dozen more photographs. When I got home 4 of them were completely blank as well as 3 almost flashed out - I didn't use the flash at all.

The formation is approximately 22 meters in diameter. The central circle approximately 9 meters diameter. The 'paths' about 2 feet wide except where they join, where they are wider and up to 6 feet. The whole design is laid clockwise and seems to resemble a spinning atom. I hope to get airborne tomorrow (Monday 13th June) and hopefully confirm the design and maybe spot another pattern at least, as I feel there is another around.

I'll keep you posted with more on the atomic antics in the green fields of Oxfordshire.



12th June 2005

More Image(s): Curtesy of Ellis Taylor (Click to enlarge images)



See Eliis Taylor's site for more information http://www.ellisctaylor.com/garsingtongrasscircles.html

More information on the additonal formation http://www.ellisctaylor.com/garsingtongrasscircles2.html



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