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Between Garsington/Toot Baldon, OXON Reported August 3rd 2003

Creation Date: Before August 3rd

Map Ref: SP558009

Crop: Wheat

Reported by: N/A
Image(s): (Click to enlarge) To follow


Dimensions/Swirl: (Formation to be properly surveyed)


Description and Information:

A very large messy formation consisting of a single path of varying width with extra "features". About a mile from anywhere and not easily visible so considered genuine.

Strange, long 1000 feet plus serpentine pathway with irregular features. Bisected by a public footpath. 'Tail' starting as a haphazard maze of paths, curving to a v shaped 'head' pointing eastwards.

A mile from nearest road. Could be weeks old. Looks a total mess with path varying in width. Can make no sense of it. Long paths is a feature of the local "circlemaker" so assume its genuine although "a bad day at the office

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