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Between Garsington/Toot Baldon, OXON Reported July 17th 2003

Creation Date: Between 15th-17th July

Map Ref: SP573013

Crop: Wheat (short stemmed)
Reported by: Aurora/Amanda Spencer
Image(s): (Click to enlarge) Ground shots only

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Dimensions/Swirl: (Formation to be properly surveyed)

Path of spiral: 3ft wide and approx. 1900ft in length. Loops evenly round from center at approx 8ft apart.

Smaller circle 31ft

Ovoid approx: 24 by 15 ft

1ft wide ring round ovoid

Distance between spiral and ovoid 200-300ft

Description and Information:

A large spiral formation consisting of 6 full turns, looping evenly 8ft apart centered around a dead tree. The formation has just one straight path from the centre of the spiral branching out towards an oval formation described as a leaf at the end. This path is some 1900ft in length but is curved round at the top to form the large spiral shape. The 7th turn of the spiral goes off, away down the field and passed a non linked smaller circle of approx 31ft in diameter. The path then continues some 200-300 ft down into the oval/ovoid part which is approx. 24 by 15 ft in size. There is a small 1ft ring around the ovoid. there is a clockwise flow in the formation which finishes at a point at the tree.

The formation is viewable with difficulty from Garsington churchyard and is in the smae field as formations have appeared in 3 of the last 4 years. The meaning of the tree in the centre is the formation is unknown but could imply a dark focus. The spiralling path is similar to a number of other Oxford formations that have appeared in the last few years. Samples were taken from the formation and it was found to exhibit normal dowsing properties.

If anyone has obtained any aerial shots of this formation please let us know.


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