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Toot Baldon- Nr Garsington - Reported early July

Creation Date: Early-Mid July

Map Ref:SP 576014

Reported by: Rob Bateman
Image(s): (Click to enlarge) No aerial shots available

Outline diagram of image (not to scale approximatation from the ground)


110' circle with inner ring and 2 surrounding crescents

Description and Information: See Below

The field is next to B480 east of turn to Toot Baldon 108ft daimeter ringed formation is Wheat comprising inner section 40ft circle with very thin, 6", ring surrounding; then another 19ft flattenend area. These inner sections are layered with no discernible spiral flow. Outward of this is a raised section between 4-8ft width which gives a double crescent shaped outer ring 2-11ft wide (vescia pisces type) of clockwise flow. Formation is almost identical position to where 3 formations were found in 1999. Formed about mid July. Can be seen just from side of B480 or from Garsington Churchyard.


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