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Season Report 2001

The year 2001 produced the lowest total of crop circles in Oxfordshire since detailed surveys began in 1992. Only two positively identified formations were recorded in adjacent fields near Toot Baldon. A third was rumored to be in Oxfordshire according to one of the websites, but this was found to be well within Gloucestershire from the O.S. Coordinates given.

All previous locations for activity in the county were checked by the writer during July and August, and the favored Garsington-Toot Baldon fields more frequently. Hopefully 2002 will be more interesting if it follows the 3 year cycle we seem to be getting - 1993, 1996 and 1999 all had comparatively high totals of formations in Oxfordshire.

The 2001 UK picture shows the usual big total in Wiltshire, and again all closely positioned within 10 miles of Avebury. The combined totals in Kent, Sussex, Hants, Wilts and Somerset account for around 75% of the 82 formations recorded on the websites (eliminating manmades). The Midlands area including Oxon had only 9 recorded events, so it is likely the dearth of the reports in this county was probably not due to the shortage of crop watchers.

Our solitary two formations had one remarkable feature in that they were almost certainly on the same ground locations as previous ones in 1999. Did the residual energy from 1999 act as a conduit for energies creating the 2001 designs? They were in the fields between Garsington and Toot Baldon (low ground) and just visible, using binoculars, from paths near Garsington Church. Unfortunately, without an overhead flight, no good photograph angles are possible at this site.

FORMATION 1 : 100ft diameter ring of thickness 5ft, clockwise flow.A spur of 46ft x 5-8ft width with a semicircular tip leads from the inside edge internally in a E-W direction. Estimated creation date was early July, but not viewed until August. Energy detected inside formation. An isolated, semi-dead tree was right next to the formation. Is there any significance in this? Crop wheat - SU 574 012

FORMATION 2 : This appeared to be be a ringed circle of maximum 110ft diameter, but on surveying was found to be more complex. There was a central circle of 41ft diameter with no discernible flow pattern. A very slender standing ring of just a few stems width surrounded the inner section, and beyond this a further 19ft of flattened crop to a raised area of 4-8ft width. The outer ring was in fact a "Vesica Pisces" of two crescents ranging in width from 11ft down to 2ft where they linked together. A clockwise flow was discernible in the crescents. Creation was estimated to be mid-July, but not viewed until August. Crop wheat. SU 576 014

Formations in adjacent fields west of B480 Oxford - Stadhampton Rd, 2 miles east of Oxford built up area.

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