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Uffington White Horse, Nr Woolstone, OXON. Reported July 22nd

Creation Date: Night of 21/22 July

Map Ref:SU301873

Reported by: Richard Yeo
Image(s): Ground and aerial shots below. Click on images to see full screen .

(Click sketch to enlarge)

Dimensions/Swirl: See report below

Description and Information:

A major event of "Wiltshire quality" -this "thought bubble" type formation appeared on the north side of the White Horse below Dragon Hill and was the 4th event in this area within 10 years, but by far the most impressive. (Previous formation was in 1997, a dubious "smiley face" slightly to the west). Crop was wheat about a month from harvest and situated on level ground. The design was a large floral type head of approximate diameter 150ft, and 8 diminishing sized circles and one larger tail circle surrounded by a thin ring. All circles were just touching. Approximate diameters were 70ft, 46ft, 28ft, 18ft, 14ft, lift, 10ft, 10ft, 32ft. The circles were on a curving axis over 4-5 tramlines width. The full straightened length is estimated at 350-400 ft. ( A more detailed survey was not achieved as the farmer latterly barbwired the field entrances due to the large numbers of visitors ). This formation was well photographed and reported in Oxford local papers and even included in the Daily Mail gallery of the "Tops of the Crops" at the end of the season. The usual debunking resulted, but on the plus side, the landlady of the local pub reported record business! SU 302 874.

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