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Toot Baldon (3)- Reported June 13th

Creation Date: June 10th-13th

Map Ref:SP 574 013

Crop: Green Barley
Reported by: Geoff Ambler
Image(s): Diagram(s) not to scale

Standing crop is blacked out

Dimensions/Swirl: Swirl generally CW, 105ft daimeter. Other details below.

Description and Information: See Below
Another arrival in the same barley field as (2) between 10th and 13th June. This was only a few yards to the east of its companion, and was of a similar size. The design was two raised facing crescents resembling the Ashbury formation of 1996, but much thinner crescents, similar to the Moon after 4 days waxing. Maximum diameter was 105ft and the crescents were 11ft at the widest point, narrowing down to a single stem. There was 7ft between opposing points, and the surrounding paths varied from 6-12ft. the inner sections were 68ft across from centres of crescents and 78ft in the other direction. the flows were clockwise and looked farily radial except at the centre. the crop was still very green and jumping back up. Some interesting grapeshots were also seen about 100ft from the formation

Please view formations (1), (2) and (3) from Garsington Churchyard

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