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Garsington Nr Oxford - Reported July 23rd

Creation Date: Circa 17th July

Map Ref:SP 592 009

Crop: Green Wheat
Reported by: Jeremy Kay
Image(s): Diagram(s) not to scale

Dimensions/Swirl: . 80ft Diameter circle, CW flow. 7ft wide ring, 180ft Long Looping "Tail". 6 Grapeshot circles of 5ft Diam and 14 ft separation..

Description and Information: See Below
A large formation of 80ft diameter circle with 7ft ring, clockwise. The separation of 14ft contained a further six grapeshot circles of 5ft diameter evenly spaced. the most unusual feature was a long winding tail starting on the ring and running a further 180ft away from the main formation. This was 9ft wide at the point of separation, but tapered down to a mere 2 feet width in the last 13ft. It curved outwards at a smooth angle. Could it represent a tadpole, question mark, or sperm? The formation is in a low lying field east of Garsington and is visible from the high level Denton road off the B480. Crop is wheat. Looks fairly tidy although spolit by the intersection of 4 sets of tramlines. Seen from the air on July 23rd, but may have arrived on July 17th.

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