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Chilson-Nr Chalbury, OXON- Reported July

Creation Date: July (exact date unknown)

Map Ref: SP 323 195

Crop: Wheat
Reported by: Oxford survey team
Image(s): Diagram(s) not to scale

Dimensions/Swirl: Circle of 56ft diameter split into two quarter sections only or upright "D" and inverted "D"

Description and Information: See Below

Spotted during a field check between Burford and Chipping Norton (A361) in early August; this unusual formation in wheat was eventually located near the remote village of Chilson, a few miles from Charlbury. It was in fact quite close to the Oxfordshire Way, but entirely hidden, only becoming visible when viewed from high ground using binoculars. The long view assessment was that it was a dumb-bell similar to the formation at Asthall in the same area, but turned out to be two quarter circles or "D"s joined at the centre. An interesting floor lay without a spiral centre was recorded. Photographs inside the formation were taken by Geoff, but it is unlikely anybody else visted this one. Probably formed in July, but uncertain.

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