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White Horse Hill - Uffington - Reported Saturday 6th July

Creation Date: Around 1st July
Map Ref: SU 295 874
Crop: Wheat
Reported by: Paul Anderson (CPR)

Dimensions/Swirl: Equal 33.5ft radius sections with features as follows: Nose (7 ft), Eyes (7ft each), mouth (20ft across in total)

Description and Information: See Below

Hmmm well, its a smiley face with some nice standing centres in the eyes and nose features. Seems to dowse and has a nice floor lay.

(2) WHITE HORSE HILL, UFFINGTON: SU 295 874. Seen July 6th Cr: Paul Anderson. Crop: Wheat/Dowses. The dreaded "smiley face" put off everybody from having a detailed look at the formation for 3 weeks. However the outer ring was found to be a consistent 67ft diameter and 3 small 7ft circles making up the "eyes" and "nose" had classic standing centres typical of some Wiltshire circles in 1996. The "mouth" flowed in two directions with raised crop at the dividing point.

This is the third occasion that a formation has appeared in the fields beneath the White Horse on the North Side in 4 years. Each time the work has been dismissed as a hoax, but who's kidding who? It's well known that the fields in question are open and in full view of the massed ranks looking down from the hill fort and in the Summer some groups hang around most of the night so the obvious inference can be made, but you would have thought someone might, by now, have made a circle on the South side by respecting the law of averages!

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