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Toot Baldon/Garsington - Reported Monday August 4th

Creation Date: Unknown Toot Baldon Formation
Map Ref: SP 575 002
Crop: Wheat
Reported by: Geoff Ambler
Image(s): Photos available soon

Dimensions/Swirl: Small circle (CW) offset 7'10" circle. Large circle has an overall radius of 67' with a central contra swirl of 54' (CW)radius. The outer swirls are approx. 6' in diameter. See photo when available.

Description and Information: See Below

A fascinating formation with a complex triple lay in the main circle (see diagram). The swirl has three central starting points and sweeps out towards the outside of the circle in a traditional manner. The circle has an outer "ring" type swirl as well. Located about a half mile from the Oxford/Watlington Road.

(4) NR TOOT BALDON, OXON : Seen August 4 Cr: Geoff Ambler Crop Wheat: Dowses SP 575 002. Pair of circles, one large with clockwise lay of three distinct sections diameter 54ft CW and small one at 27ft distance diameter approx. 8ft CW. Tramlines separated them. The big circle was designed with a 6ft wide radial flow at the outer edge and a 22ft wide radial flow around the centre, the rest of the area was spiralled outwards at various angles. The geometric and spiral centres were about 3ft apart. The circles were originally spotted from Garsington Churchyard about a mile away and were sited in a remote field about a mile from the nearest road. When examined there were no entry points found and the lays were immaculate. It is unlikely that anyone would find them other than farmers working close by (who were aware).

This formation was undoubtedly genuine and strengthens the belief that we have a real phenomenon.

Comments by Jeremy Kay: When I tried to take a picture of the smallest circle (the only picture I tried to take of the formation) my camera packed up completely and is now beyond economic repair. I do not know whether this is a result of the energies from the formation or my camera was about to pack up any way.

Kay - I sent seed and soil samples to Michael Newark for dowsing he got a negative result.

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