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Long Handborough/Coombe , Near Woodstock - Reported Saturday August 9th

Creation Date: 28th July
Map Ref: SP 423 145
Crop: Wheat
Reported by: Ed Collis

Image(s): Ground shots available

Dimensions/Swirl: Two main circles 30ft in diameter both ACW with a ACW ring at the outside of the circle. Arrow head consists of central 55ft pathway with 55ft cross section and two 34ft pieces to join the two ends diameter of pathways varied between 1 and 3ft. The pathway conecting the two circles was 22ft and 3ft wide.

Description and Information: See Below

This formation reported to Oxford Group by a local resident. Although the farmer was un-cooperative we did manage to survey the formation at a later date. Orginally thought to be "created by kids" the lay seemed reasonable/messy and the arrow head pointed in the direction of Blenheim Palace. Visible from the houses in the village.

(6) LONG HANBOROUGH, OXON : Formed July 28th. Reported August 9th, Cr: Ed Collis. Crop: Wheat/Dowsed SP 423 145

We heard about the formation from a local businessman, who had already viewed it. It was situated in a field at the bottom of a valley between Long Hanborough and Combe. A footpath runs through the field linking the two villages. Blenheim Palace is about a mile away.

The structure consisted of a dumb-bell with 2, 30-ft circles ACW and a 22ft x 3ft path linking them. The circles had varying flows - radial at the outside and spiral on the inside with the path running into the right hand side one. A strange triangle or arrowhead was surmounted above the dumb-bell. This was almost as long as the parent structure and certainly new to Oxfordshire. We were unable to get permission to enter before harvesting so the survey will not be too accurate.

Many people use the path and the field above to exercise their dogs, so there were rumours that youngsters had made it in mid-afternoon.

Jeremy Kay - Seed samples were sent to Michael Newark for dowsing. He got a positive result.

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