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Middleton Cheney, Near Banbury, NORTHANTS - Reported Saturday August 9th

Creation Date: Unknown
Map Ref: SP 488 413
Crop: Oats
Reported by: Oxfordshire CCCS flight team Middleton Cheney Formation

Image(s): Aerial photos to follow.

Dimensions/Swirl: Large circle 39ft, Both smaller circles 13ft all clockwise swirls, 18 to 20ft separtion between the formations

Description and Information: See Below

This formation was spotted flying on Saturday August 9th by chance by the Oxford investigation team. By the time the formation was visited it as already cut. No-one at the farm had any idea it was there as it could not be seen from the road.

This nice triplet is reminiscent of the old early 90`s formations and remains the best formations around the county this year.

(5) BETWEEN BANBURY AND MIDDLETON CHENEY, NORTHANTS : Seen from the air August 9th Cr: Flight Observers from the O.C.C.C.S Crop: Oats/Dowsed. SP 488 413

This was a simple formation of 3 circles all CW, a larger 39.5ft diameter with two 13ft satellites about 20ft apart. We reached the ground position on August 12th, but the crop had already been cut the same day. Measurements were taken after harvesting. The farmer was totally unaware of the circles and was very interested in seeing an aerial photograph. The formation was about 100ft from a minor road but on level ground and behind a hedge so it is unlikely anybody else was aware of it. A busy intersection of main roads was close by and the M40 about a mile to the west. The position was just inside Northants.

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