Stokenchurch, Nr High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

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Reported 15th July.

Updated Friday 25th July 1997

The Swastika

A Ground shot by Jeremy Kay.Copyright 1997.

There is a 50 foot formation in the shape of a swastika near Aylesbury Bucks in mature Barley. I can't remember the exact location but I will forward more details when I have them. I will be going to see it tonight.

The Swastika I visited on Tuesday was messy and uneven, I am pretty sure it would have been made by a neo local Nazi group (or a load of trendy lefties who don't like the farmer). Apparently the farmer said there was on in the same field last year. However Geoff Ambler got a reaction when he dowsed it, make what you want of that.

Reported by Jeremy Kay.

(3) NEAR BLEDLOW RIDGE, BUCKS: Formed July 11th Cr: Laura & Guiseppe Mazzarino Crop: Barley/Dowses SU 797 968. The emotive "swastika" was spotted by non-croppie friends who were driving in a random fashion across very narrow roads on the Oxon-Bucks border. They were sufficiently taken in by the image that they stopped their car for 5 minutes.

The formation was down a valley close to a bridle path, 200 yards from the road in remote countryside. The length was 55ft and width 40ft with a consistent 5.5ft channel. Cross-arms were inconsistent lengths. At first glance one tended to laugh it off, but the crop was laid really hard to the ground and the dowsing pendulum moved violently. Samples of crop dowsed by uninformed third parties also reacted. A second viewing after harvesting revealed the combine could not remove the heads in one arm of the swastika as if it was flattened so hard.

Nobody appeared along the path during the times we were there except the farmer and it looks to be used only by riders. Cars pass on the narrow road about every 15 minutes so this was certainly not an area here wild neo-nazis would be prancing around! The farmer's son claimed a similar swastika had appeared in an adjoining field of wheat in 1996. The area is full of large hidden houses - mostly very expensive - so who knows what is going on!

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