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Oxford crop circle group have now surveyed and photographed this extremely long formation and found it is 1020 Ft long and runs diagonally across the field of barley. thus it does not appear to be related to the tramlines.

Nearest the road, and visible from there, is a 46 ft CW circle connected to another 29ft circle by a 9 ft X 10 ft wide path. The path continues to another pair of part circles at 169 ft. These are like "Ears" sticking out from path. there is a futher isolated neat circle 26 ft from the path of 23 ft diameter in this section. After these features the path narrows down to an aveage 3' 6" and runs an incredible 627 ft to the final two features - an oval of length 21 ft and a connected circle of average diameter 17' 6".

The overall appearance is a bit messy. But the crop is very tall green barley and unlikely to flatten well. The farmer claims the fomration was made by "12 year old kids"!

Image by Jeremy Kaye. Copyright 1996

Other images by Russell Stannard
First picture Long Formation
Second picture Long Formation
Third picture Long Formation

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