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West Illsley - Reported 10/7/94

Creation Date: Unknown
Map Ref: SU 485 843
Crop: Wheat
Reported by: Anthony Cheke

Dimensions/Swirl: Top circle 108' CW
Top circle satellites 10-11' Top and right sat. ACW. Left Sat CW
Bottom circle 56' CW.
6' gap between top and bottom circles
3-4' gap between top circle and satellites.

10' bottom most circle CW

Description and Information: See Below

7 component arrangement of circles, none linked. One circle very large - over 100ft diameter, a second over 50ft. and the rest small grapeshot size 10-12ft. The field of Winter wheat is the same one that the first large rape circle of 1993 appeared and is in the same position. This is the first "repeater" we have recorded although some of the last year's Burford formations were close to the 1992 examples. I obtained the usual dowsing patterns in these circles, but some of the laid crop was suspiciously muddy in spite of no rain falling for nearly two weeks. Seen from the air on Sunday July 10th and probably formed c. July 8th.

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