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West Illsley (Second formation)- Reported 13/7/94

Creation Date: After 10th July
Map Ref: None
Crop: Wheat
Reported by: Oxfordshire Survey Team
Image(s): None available

Dimensions/Swirl: Not surveyed

Description and Information: See Below

Only eagled-eyed spotting by our survey team noticed this formation high up on the downs just below the Ridgeway. In fact it can only be seen solely through binoculars from the A34. no view is possible up on the Ridgeway. Even the farmer was unaware of its presence.

After considerable calculations we found a delightful floral formation deep in the field of Winter wheat. The pictogram is surrounded by a 200ft diameter, 4ft wide ring. It was not present when flown over on Sunday 10th July, so arrived either 11th or 12th July. The structure is extremely complicated and it can only be fully appreciated from the air. My first drawing gives you some idea of what it looks like. It is unlikely anyone else visited before we got there.

It is in the field next to the fist West Illsley formation, separated by the road running up to the village via the Ridgeway.

Much of the internal structure reminded me of the famous (or infamous) Bythorn pentagram of last September.

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