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Ipsden - Reported Sunday 10th July

Creation Date: 10/7/94
Map Ref: Not given
Crop: Wheat
Reported by: Radio Oxford/G.E. Ambler

Dimensions/Swirl: Top to Bottom
Giant Top circle and ring diameter 205' Ring has ACW Swirl and is 32' in width
2. 93' (CW)
3. 53' (ACW)
4. 33' (CW)
5. 22' (ACW)
6. 15' (ACW)
7. 11.5' (ACW)
8. 5'9" (ACW)
9. 2'6" (ACW)

Description and Information: See Below

Magnificent 8 circles plus one giant ring on a very steep slope about one mile from A4074 Crowmarsh - Reading road. Clearly visible from the main road. The formation is set out in a curving arc of circles varying in diameter from over 200ft to a mini 2.5 feet at the tail. The only shape that comes to mind is a "speech or though bubble" which cartoonists use. the circles are not linked, but only separated by a few inches in some cases. This formation appeared on Sunday July 10th and we have witnessed accounts by the local game keeper that it was not there at 5am but totally present at 6 am. Thus is must have come down in daylight! Any strange cars parked along the very narrow road which passes the field would have stood out like a sore thumb.

Once again the crop was winter wheat, still quiote green. Very strong energies were dowsed in several places and the second to top circle had three spiral centres instead of one.

We found exceptional interest in this formation from local farmers, residents and staff, but as the media got involved in a big way, hundreds of sight seers have now visited and made unoffical path all across the field. On our last visit tensions were beginning to rise.

Newspaper article at the time of the Formation

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